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Online Solar Basics Certification
[ Duration: 3 weeks | 4 to 6 hours per week ]

Solar Power Plants are now everywhere. Whether you are a professional planning to join the solar industry, or a business buyer or a homeowner who is considering a solar power plant for your home, you need to understand the fundamental aspects of a Solar Power Plant.


This online solar certification course is designed as 15 modules, and will help you find answers to questions such as those listed below: 

  • What are the key components in a Solar Plant?

  • What are the different types of Solar Power Plant? 

  • What are the risks and benefits of a Solar Power Plant?

  • What is net-metering, gross-metering and net-feed in tariff? 

  • How will I choose different components of a Solar Power Plant such as Solar Module and Solar Inverter ?

  • How will I estimate the Solar Power Plant Capacity required for a facility from the electricity bill?

  • What are the key considerations for selecting a Solar Installer? 

  • What are the key considerations for maintaining a Solar Power Plant? 

  • What is the difference between an optimised string inverter and a micro-inverter?

  • How can I differentiate between different Solar Module technologies? 

Cares have trained more than 7,000 professionals in Solar PV with more than 90% positive feedback over the last 8 years. 50+ professionals have started solar companies after attending our solar training programs. Cares also have 6  solar PV centres of excellence in Premium Institutions across India for Solar Applied Research and Training.  


Mr Siva Harsh, Director - Strategy for Cares Renewables, is the instructor for this course. Siva is an electrical engineer and IIM Graduate with 10+ years of experience in the Solar PV Industry.

Course Material

15 Instructor videos  | 20+ Readings | 3 Practice Questionnaires

Register for the solar basics certification program at a 50% discounted fee of INR 1,180 (not INR 2,360) today. 

Course Overview Video (5 mins)


How to get the Solar PV Basics Certificate from Cares Academy

This is an online certification course, and you can go through the course material at your own pace. We would recommend completing the course over a period of 3 weeks by spending 4 to 6 hours every week. The online course material will be accessible to you for a period of 1 year from the date of registration.  Each week has 5 Instructor Videos, 5+ Readings and 1 Practice Questionnaire.

Week 1 

Introduction to Solar Power Plant 

In the first week, we will give you a birds eye view of Solar Power Plant from a technical, business and solar policy standpoint. This week will introduce you to components of different types of solar power plant, solar metering policies, key drivers of Solar Industry, and benefits & risks associated with a  grid tied Solar Power Plant Installation. 

Week 2

How to Choose a Solar Plant? 

At the end of second week, you will be able to compare and select components of a Solar Power Plant  such as Solar Module and Solar Inverter. We will start this week by understanding Solar Module's key performance indicators and end the course with general guidelines for choosing balance of system components like structure. 

Week 3

System Design, Installation & Maintenance

In this week, we will cover general guidelines regarding design, installation and maintenance of a Solar Power Plant. At the end of this week, you will be able to estimate solar generation for a grid-tied Solar Power Plant and size the system from electricity bill. You will also be able to gain a perspective on solar installer selection and O&M.

The candidates who complete this  course and the practice questionnaire at the end of each week, will be eligible for attempting the online Solar PV Basics Certification Exam. Candidates who register for the course will be intimated regarding the time of the online certification exam by mail. Candidates who score more than 60% in the online certification exam will be awarded the Solar PV Basics Certificate issued by Cares Renewables. A candidate can attempt the online certification exam a maximum of two times a month.

Course Instructor

Photo - Siva.JPG

Siva Harsh S 

Co-founder and Director -  Cares Renewables 

10+ years Experience in Solar Industry

Electrical Engineer & IIM Graduate 

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